Do you ever feel like a literal lump of shit?

Coming from someone who already has a hard time expressing themselves, today has been one draining ass day. The vibes ive had are off. In more than one, or five ways. I’m not exactly sure how to pinpoint it, but i know , that i know, how to get out of it, and that i HAVE to get out of it. Usually a brisk walk outside does it, but with a toddler, walks outside are never really relaxing or unwinding. But us moms have to make the best of it. I like to get nerdy when i feel like not even the sun can get my mood back up. I think about the rays of sunlight just hitting my skin and the warmth just magnetizing all of the positive vibes back to me. I like to think about my sweat thats pouring down my face as a cleanser (hear me out lol) that is literally sweating out the built up feelings and emotions that i cant even put into words. I like to push through my yelling toddler and the million questions as if im mentally pushing a weighted brain sled – while at the same time, my quads are on fire from the uphill 70lb stroller push. I like to think of the mental and physical burn as an outlet for my anger and my frustration. All of these emotions and feelings come out physically, leaving me space for clarity and healing on the inside. I hope some of this makes sense. I just know that feeling like a literal lump of shit sucks. I also know that its a part of this human experience. I know that moving my physical body will lighten, brighten and enhance my mental load, and reset my intuition and spirits back to where they belong. Freaking sky high. I am usually all zen and shit, but today, not even meditation could chill me out. So as soon as my kid is up, outside and up hill we go.

with love,


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